Welcome to Tomorrow! For the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work planning the magazine—shooting a video, budgeting it out, shaping the editorial direction. And now we’ve finally got more details on how you can help us make this single issue of our dream magazine. It’s gonna be a four-color, 100-page oversized magazine filled with stories about the future—the immediate future. Here’s more about the help we’re looking for, and how you can volunteer:

Contribute to our Kickstarter and spread the word about it. It’s going to take $15,000 just to get this thing off the ground, so every penny counts.

On that note, do you know a company or individual who might want to sign on as an advertiser or sponsor? Email us at with MONEY in the subject line.


Follow and promote the hell out of our temporary home,, and our Twitter account, @tomorrowthemag.
We’re also gonna be having a big party in Los Angeles to launch this magazine into the world. Especially if you’re local here, but if you have any event planning experience, actually, email with SOCIAL in the subject line.
Do you do social media/communications stuff for a living? Help us make a media plan for the magazine so we can expand our reach! Shoot an email to with SOCIAL in the subject line.


We know a bunch of you are writers/illustrators/editors/designers. Pitch us!

We’re looking for nonfiction feature-length pieces (3,000-6,000 words) and a smattering of great short-form pieces (around 1,000 words). Reporting and essays and illustrations on the topic of, well, tomorrow. We’re starting from the beginning: What areas of society need to hit the reset button? Tomorrow is about (and for) the people who are working out what’s next. Today’s dilemmas deserve fresh eyes liberated from the tired status quo of superficial journalism, boring narratives, and old ideas about what works. We want stories about the people, the movements, and the trends that are tearing the world down and building it anew. Pieces that are about what’s coming next, about hitting the reset button, about preparation, about people and ideas that are pushing the boundaries of our collective comfort zone. Think pieces, profiles, graphic stories, confessionals, flow charts, how-tos. You can interpret this theme pretty widely—we certainly are. And don’t limit yourself to just words—some of our best editorial ideas will come from artists and illustrators, we’re sure of it.

Pitch us by JULY 10, though we’re still working on the schedule.
If we simply meet our Kickstarter goal, we won’t be able to pay contributors. But if we exceed the goal or if we land some awesome sponsors, we’ll be splitting the proceeds evenly among everyone who works on the magazine, editors included. In other words, you won’t get paid much, but you will get an excellent edit (ahem) and the knowledge that no one else is cashing in, either.

So! Send your ideas to with EDIT in the subject line. (Since we’ve got a limited number of pages, we can’t take all pitches. But we promise to get back to every single one of you.)


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