You are all amazing.

Wow. You all funded Tomorrow magazine within five hours, and the numbers keep climbing. We’re touched and thrilled—thank you SO MUCH! This is the people’s mag for real. 

But we’re not stopping now. We’ll be riding out the next 29 days to get all the funds we can. So keep on tweeting, Facebooking, Tumbling, emailing our Kickstarter page to your people. Every dollar over $15,000 will go to: 

  • Paying our brilliant contributors (and ourselves!)
  • Making prettier magazines, and more of them
  • Sending writers and photographers across the country and maybe the world
  • Stepping up our web game
  • Hosting an epic launch party
Again, a billion thank yous for all the love. We won’t disappoint you.

<3, Tomorrow Mag


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    Wow, your magazine is getting off to a great start with the reply gif official announcements and all.
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    The Lonesome Crowdsourced West
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    I don’t think this is true, either. Right now, decidedly less than half the total funding has come from $15 donations....
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