Inside Tomorrow: Election Day edition

In time for Election Day—tomorrow, of course—Tomorrow mag brings you relevant (but not horserace-y) reads to prepare for the voting booth:

May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor: On the heels of star statistician Nate Silver’s bold prediction of an Obama victory (and bet with Joe Scarborough), we bring you a deeper look at the brave new world of political prediction in a data-clogged society.

Vote for Pedro: While the nation obsesses about the next president, the Latino youth movement is busy knocking on doors in their own neighborhoods. And some of them are running for office. Meet 20-year-old Pedro Lopez, the DREAMer generation’s Leslie Knope.

Dashboard Congressional: The user interface of democracy is in dire need of a redesign. We visualize our fantasy system on the internets, in five steps.


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